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What to Expect

As a Marketing Main Street Client, you'll receive that "hometown" service you're accustomed to when you patronize your favorite local businesses. We may not be family, but we're the next best thing. We promise consistent communication, ROI-based reporting, and treating your hard earned marketing dollars as if they were our own. Below is a menu of our core services but if you have a marketing need you don't see listed, let us know and we will give your vision life.  

Traditional Media Buying

You know that you need to advertise but the options are overwhelming. You're bombarded by advertising reps that have the solution for you. Oftentimes this results in business owners not making the best choices for their goals or they aren't able to measure ROI for their energy and money. Enter, MMS. We will help you evaluate the many options that come your way and help you put a plan in place that helps you see measurable success. 


Digital Strategy

Social media, amirite? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now the new hell that is TikTok? Business owners now see these tools as a necessary evil. Posting to social media a few times a week. How hard can it be?  Well, very, apparently. Time consuming to create posts, confusing dashboards and deployment, not to mention how difficult trying to figure out an actual strategy can be. Unless... you know what you're doing. Let us create a plan based on your goals that you can track in real-time to see how the strategy we co-created is working for you, and ultimately, measure ROI, every time. 

Press Relations

PR? Why is MMS offering PR? I'm not some fancy New York company that's putting out press releases or anticipating any use for crisis management. We get it. We hear you. But that's not all PR is good for. You and your business have a story. Let us work our magic and help you tell it through the wonders of the media. Your story is worth telling. So let's tell it.


Branding & Design

Tired of inconsistency in your marketing messaging? Need help with logo, graphic, or website design? Perhaps just some sprucing up. But more than all that, want your branding to work FOR you so that you see, you guessed it, ROI? Then we are your team. Don't let this girly branding fool you. We can do it all. Check out this gritty branding we did for our awesome friends at Peak Fit NWA. 

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