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Is Traditional Media still relevant?

In an age of Facebook and Instagram, we can forget how much attention we truly pay to classic ad spaces. Billboards have become a part of American landscapes, and I’d bet you glanced at a few on your way into work this morning. And when you sit down to watch the nightly news after dinner tonight, you may notice an ad break between segments.

These little pieces of marketing have become commonplace, but they are incredibly effective. For local businesses, targeting local channels is a great way to find potential clients where they’re at. Understanding when to use different strategies is key to any business’s marketing plan.

Using a local news station or billboard is a great way to ensure that your content is put in front of local consumers. This saves you the money of advertising to individuals who will never use your goods or services because they simply aren’t where you are.

Many also assume that traditional media only reaches older audiences, but this isn’t true. People of all ages turn to local newspapers and television stations for information. This means that if your business needs to reach all ages, you can!

Consumers have built a lot of trust with local media outlets. Everyone hears horror stories of online scams or ordering something advertised on a social media site that comes in completely wrong. But, these incidents are far less common with traditional media, which will make consumers more trusting of advertisements.

Digital marketing is not going anywhere, but neither is traditional marketing. By building a marketing plan that incorporates social media and traditional media, you can make the most of your marketing efforts and reach as many qualified leads as possible.

Contact Marketing Main Street today to craft a strategy that will put your business in front of the clientele you’re looking for.

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