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Let’s Talk About TikTok

TikTok dazzled American social media users when it first came on the scene as in 2014 and has become a staple of social media since. While it’s known for dance trends and lip syncing, TikTok can be a great marketing tool, when used effectively.

We typically only recommend TikTok for clients who garner most of their sales from an online store. Because TikTok is less localized than sites like Instagram and Facebook, it’s great for connecting businesses with people all around the world, but not as great for businesses that need to build a local presence.

If you provide a service that can only be done in NWA, your content reaching someone in California isn’t very important. Meanwhile, clothing stores and online retailers can often find great success with TikTok.

Just ask yourself: Is my service or good specific to NWA? If yes, it’s best to spend your time and dollars with local advertising and social media that will promote you to NWA. We recommend TikTok to very few small businesses so you can maximize your reach to people who may actually use your services or goods.

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