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Quality > Quantity

Frequency and remaining top-of-mind for potential customers is important, but it’s also important to get a great message in front of the people who need to hear it. Having followers from all around the country because you did a viral trend doesn’t benefit you much unless you’re an online retailer. It’s much more important to craft a message that is true to your business and for that message to be heard by local consumers.

So, how do you implement a quality over quantity marketing strategy?

Start by deciding what is important for people to know about your business. A great starting point is the unique story behind starting your business that will resonate with people. Beyond the personality of your business, you also need to make clear what services you provide, what hours you’re open, and where you’re located. Customers hate digging for information, so keep things easy to find. Put important information front and center in your Facebook and Instagram bios.

Once you know what you want to tell people, it’s time to start executing campaigns that make sense for your business and your target audience. One of the best ways to do this is use client testimonials wherever possible. Reviews are free and trustworthy among consumers, so they are one of your best marketing tools.

It’s also important to be current with your customers' needs. If you’re a retailer and Valentine’s Day is coming up, post about your Valentine’s looks. If you’re a plumber and there’s extreme winter weather coming, remind your customers how to keep their homes safe. If you’re an attorney and there’s new legislation passed, post an explainer on what it could mean for your clients. Being topical is crucial.

If you want to start implementing a strategy that will put your business front and center, contact us today!

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