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What Even is The Algorithm?

“The Algorithm” sounds like the name of a dystopian, technology-themed horror movie. It seems a bit Big Brother-esque. And, in a way, it is. But the truth about the algorithm is that it’s much less complicated than that.

The algorithm is simply a way for social media sites to filter content and push it to people they think would be interested in it. Have you ever felt like Facebook knows you better than you know yourself? That’s the algorithm at work. Each social network has its own way to figure you out and give you content that matches your interest. This creates a better user experience, but it also keeps you using their site longer.

The complex part of the algorithm comes from understanding what it’s pushing at any given time. Because each social media caters to different audiences, their algorithms are all different. Instagram values engagement, Facebook values connection, and Twitter values repeated interaction.

Algorithms are constantly changing to keep up with changing user desires, which can make things tricky. The current algorithm landscape greatly values reels and video content, but it’s only a matter of time before the pendulum could swing back to photos and/or written posts.

Keeping up with the algorithm can feel overwhelming. If you need some extra social media support, hiring an agency is the perfect route. Contact us today to let us worry about the algorithm for you!

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