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Why is it important to tell the stories of local businesses?

Picture this: You have an allergy that at best, is extremely painful, and at worst leads to hospitalization. It’s exhausting reminding every waiter, delivery driver, and bartender that your food can’t come into contact with someone else’s. Enter: a Facebook post on your timeline about a new gluten free bakery that opened up down the road. You’ve never felt so seen in your life. A place you can exist and eat and not be afraid of exposure.

This is a true story. Our client, Sandi Sue’s Gluten Free Bakery, has provided reprieve to hundreds of gluten free individuals in NWA. Curvy Chick’s, another client, has given plus size women a safe space to find luxury items that fit their bodies at an affordable price. Every small business fulfills an important niche in their community, and our passion is helping them find the people that need their services.

Without using the channels available to them to promote, these businesses would have missed out on a large portion of the people who need them. Telling the stories of local business is at the heart of what marketing should be. It’s not about a specific product or service, it’s about the role you play in your community and how you are helping serve those around you.

We seek to look past the low hanging fruit. The goal of our campaigns is always to share your story, not just your products. We value customer testimonials, the reason why you started your business, and the hard work you have put in as marketing tools.

For campaigns that focus on the why instead of the what, contact us today.

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