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Why We Chose Downtown Rogers

When Marketing Main Street was born in the fall of 2021, I began working from home and in coffee shops around NWA. I knew I wanted to eventually open a storefront and grow my team, and Downtown Rogers was the perfect fit. Downtown Rogers embodies our mission and values in so many ways.

Downtown Rogers is your classic, southern downtown. At Marketing Main Street, we embrace modern marketing with vintage values, and DTR could not encapsulate this more. Just like all the other businesses in DTR, we stay up on the latest trends, but greet you with old fashioned southern hospitality. This community fosters an environment that encourages moving forward while still embracing the hospitality of the past.

Being in the middle of DTR also gives us walking access to so many coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. It also brings us foot traffic from those exploring the area. We love meeting new visitors who come in to check out our space, and the constant bustling and moving around is so inspiring for creative work. It’s the perfect environment for us.

Whenever NWA is mentioned in the context of business, many think of the large corporations that are located in our backyard. While those are important to our community, so are the locally owned mom-and-pop shops. Downtown Rogers features a great mixture of all businesses, and it represents NWA perfectly.

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